Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Using the latest technology, iSolved enables you to more effectively collect, manage and process employee time and attendance data. Support multiple locations and time collection options, managed through a simple but powerful online interface.


Quick Setup

Hosted Online

Easy to Use

The software, a physical or virtual time clock, and most importantly, service and support. Plus, we have many training options to help you get the most from your time software.

Reduces IT burden and always grows with you. Our software combines the freedom and flexibility of a cloud service with the familiarity of an optional wall mounted time clock.

Your employees use a web browser, virtual clock, time clock, or mobile app to clock in and out. We will help you set up your policies during implementation to ensure you get off to a great start!

The HR Butler Time Software

iSolved Time is a very robust and capable program for managing time and attendance. Yet, ease-of-use has not been compromised by its power. We’ve made certain the program is easy to get started, use, and maintain. iSolved Time helps you Collect, Manage, and Process your employee time.

Collect Time

Collect time the way your work. Collect time anywhere through a web browser, from the palm of your hand with a mobile device, and/or a (best-in-class) physical time clock.

Mix and match in any combination to work the way your employees work (with the freedom to adjust, add-on, and grow as you do.)

Manage Time

iSolved Time provides flexible time tracking with a rules driven approach. Supervisors can easily view absences, monitor exceptions, set up geofencing locations for employees, and receive alerts.

It is built to handle overtime and premiums, comp time management, rounding rules, meal and break policies, and even complex environments that have shifts that cross midnight. iSolved Time handles it all with ease.


Process Time

iSolved Time will process time and attendance in accordance with all of your organization’s policies and product your employee time records ready for payroll. Activate payroll and HR within iSolved for one complete solution.

Self-Service Overview

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We will come to your office to discuss your Time & Attendance needs and provide you with a cost savings quote.
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