Time and Attendance

Time & Attendance

Using the latest technology, iSolved enables you to more effectively collect, manage and process employee time and attendance data. Support multiple locations and time collection options, managed through a simple but powerful online interface.

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Quick Setup

Hosted Online

Easy to Use

The software, a physical or virtual time clock, and most importantly, service and support. Plus, we have many training options to help you get the most from your time software.

Reduces IT burden and always grows with you. Our software combines the freedom and flexibility of a cloud service with the familiarity of an optional wall mounted time clock.

Your employees use a web browser, virtual clock, time clock, or mobile app to clock in and out. We will help you set up your policies during implementation to ensure you get off to a great start!

HR Butler Time & Attendance Helps Save You Time and Money

You’ll replace cumbersome time tracking procedures and completely eliminate manual collection of payroll information. iSolved Time is the result of 20+ years of experience, customer feedback, and research & development in the time and attendance market.



Better Manage Your Employees' Time

Manage your time and attendance data and employee profiles while easily tracking your employees’ time.

Seamlessly Add Full HR

Add sophisticated HR management with flip of a switch.

Handle Any Work Environment

Track employee time from home, the worksite, multiple locations, and more.

Make Scheduling a Breeze

Allow supervisors to quickly build shifts and schedules for their team.


Create map boundaries, called fences, and get alerts when employees clock in or out within or outside of the designated boundaries.

Comp Time

Comp time allows you to offer extra paid time off in lieu of costly overtime pay for overtime hours worked.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Eliminate buddy punching and time theft.

Collection Method

Choose the time collection method that works best: virtual clock, mobile app, or physical time clock

Schedule an Appointment

We will come to your office to discuss your Time & Attendance needs and provide you with a cost savings quote.
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