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Locally owned in Dublin, HR Butler prides itself on being a neighborhood payroll processing company to Pataskala, Ohio businesses. Just down the road, we serve as a local expert in payroll services and getting your employees paid accurately and timely. Calling on areas along S. Main Street and throughout both Licking Heights and Southwest Licking School Districts, we are able to provide peace of mind to Pataskala,Ohio business owners. No longer do owners/ office managers need to fret over making each different tax payment and withholding the correct amount from each employees check. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to payroll, let the experts take on this task and free up your time to help with other revenue-producing tasks. We offer both live check and direct deposit options. HR Butler impounds federal taxes, state taxes for state withholding as well as job and family services, Pataskala, Ohio local taxes, and school district taxes. We impound and pay to the Bureau of Worker’s Compensations as well and are the only local payroll company to handle the true-up for our clients. Payroll hours can be submitted however our clients prefer- call, text, fax, or whatever you prefer. We do offer our HCM Evolution payroll software as well. The software is not only used for submitting employee hours but enrolling new hires in payroll, running custom reports, and storing all past pay history as well. Our pricing is not what you find with the bigger box companies. In being locally owned, we do not have the overhead that comes with larger conglomerates. In comparison to Paychex and ADP, we are typically between 20 and 40 percent below in regards to price. We guarantee 20 percent savings, and that is ongoing. We have NEVER had an annual increase in our rates or quarterly fees. We also offer a “Green” discount for clients who are all direct deposit and submit hours via our software- bringing the price down another 10 percent. While our pricing is extremely competitive, we really pride ourselves on customer service. Each group is assigned on certified payroll processor. Pataskala, Ohio payroll mangers deal with the same person in our office in Dublin which minimizes the risk for error. HR Butler really enjoys partnering with Pataskala business and helping out anywhere we are able. Inquire about all that HR Butler can do for your business today!

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Available Features

Employee Self Serve
  • Custom/Electronic Onboarding
  • Data and Deduction Updating
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Records
  • Company Documents
  • Company Communications
  • Discussion Groups
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Expense Reporting
  • Time Tracking
  • Time Off Request


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