Gahanna Ohio Payroll

Gahanna Ohio Payroll

Helping Companies Save Money for Westerville Ohio Payroll!

HR Butler has provided payroll services to Gahanna, Ohio businesses since 1983. Our attention to detail has allowed us to greatly reduce errors normally caused through payroll. We service areas along N Hamilton Road, down Mill Street, and all locations in between. Our offering includes direct deposit as well as live check options, and we work to get your employees paid accurately and on time. We serve as your power of attorney with the different government agencies as well. Throughout the payroll process, we calculate and pay all taxes on your behalf. We impound federal taxes, state withholding, state taxes for job and family services, Gahanna, Ohio local taxes as well as any school district tax and pay them when they are due. We also impound and pay the BWC as well as handle the true-up come year end. Being a bit more boutique style, we are able to offer a la carte options. It is up to you how hours are submitted- call, email, fax, etc… We also offer Evolution HCM payroll software. This user-friendly application is used for entering in hours, enrolling new hires into payroll, running custom reports, and storing all past payroll data. In regards to pricing, HR Butler is much different from you big-box providers. In being family owned and local, we just do not have the overhead of our larger competitors. We go up against the big, national companies daily, and typically find that we are 20 percent below in regards to price. We are able to guarantee 20 percent savings over both ADP and Paychex, and that savings is ongoing. HR Butler understands protecting your bottom line, and provides Gahanna, Ohio businesses with consistent and transparent rates. We have never rolled out an annual rate increase and do not charge quarterly fees. We offer our “Green” discount for any clients that are all direct deposit and utilize our HCM software for hours entry. Customer service is how we retain our clients. All of our groups are given one certified payroll processor- no 1-800 numbers! We really get to know your group and how your company functions and it makes for things running smoothly. HR Butler really enjoys partnering with Gahanna, Ohio businesses. Inquire how HR Butler can improve your payroll offering today!

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Available Features

Employee Self Serve
  • Custom/Electronic Onboarding
  • Data and Deduction Updating
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Records
  • Company Documents
  • Company Communications
  • Discussion Groups
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Expense Reporting
  • Time Tracking
  • Time Off Request


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