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Brook Park is one part of a big city. But why can’t we make it one of the most influential and well known places in Cleveland? From Brookpark Road to Engle Road, the possibilities are endless when using HR Butler’s payroll services. We make payroll run efficiently to keep the employees happy and motivated to do their job. Which in turn makes everything else in your business, run smoothly. Having an excellent payroll system that makes your employees happy  will make for loyal customers because of great service, and in the end, will make your business in Brook Park, Ohio more profitable. But how is this all possible, you may wonder? Well, we utilize turn-key processing, which allows a business to produce as much revenue as possible, while being profitable. This type of processing also frees up valuable assets to spend more time on issues that need more attention to detail. We at HR Butler, believe that we operate as a community and as a company, to exceed your payroll goals. We can assume the responsibility of calculating and withholding taxes when they are due and all you have to do is choose the method you want the payroll—email, fax, mail, text, etc.—at which your tangible check or direct deposit is presented. HR Butler handles withholding federal taxes, state taxes including work and family services, school district taxes and local taxes for Brook Park, Ohio.  We also can be trusted to take care of your business in Brook Park by withholding as well as paying the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation while using true-up for our clients. HR Butler not only uses but also offers Evolution HCM to log the hours of each employee. HCM has many more functions which includes: entering new hires, storing past payroll history and runs custom reporting, which will strengthen along with build upon the company. At HR Butler, you are able to pay less while you expect more because, we also believe that customer service should come first. Comparing payroll companies, HR Butler is noticeably 20 to 40 percent lower in price. HR Butler considers rolling out an annual increase in our rates and quarterly fees, to be unacceptable for any of our clients. Instead, we offer a “GREEN” discount, so clients who only use direct deposits and enter hours using Evolution HCM software for payroll needs, saves you an extra 10 percent. Clients will work with a certified payroll processor from our company rather than dealing with a 1-800 number or call centers. So, it’s possible to see the reason we have been in business since 1983 . HR Butler likes to assist you with any needs you have. So we keep and gain clients because of superb customer service as well as convenience provided. Clients enjoy our high quality and our low prices, so with the money saved you can fulfill the endless possibilities—streamline your business—in Brook Park, Ohio.

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Available Features

Employee Self Serve
  • Custom/Electronic Onboarding
  • Data and Deduction Updating
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Records
  • Company Documents
  • Company Communications
  • Discussion Groups
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Expense Reporting
  • Time Tracking
  • Time Off Request


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