Parma Ohio HR Services

Parma, Ohio is a place for businesses to run effortlessly however, that may not always be the case. HR Butler is here to make sure that running your business effortlessly is a priority. HR Butler has been assisting many businesses stay up-to-date on HR requirements since 1983. We can guide businesses from W Ridgewood Drive to W Sprague Road and everywhere in between, everyone has different needs and preferences, so depending on the personal preference of assistance needed and wanted, will then determine the amount of HR Butler’s involvement with the issues presented. HR Butler can assist you with human resources (HR) by giving these businesses a “toolbox” to make daily operations feel like a breeze. The tools HR Butler provides can give a business the ability to make pre-existing goals, facts of existence. HR problems will become a breeze when utilizing the software HR Butler created called, Advanced HR and HR 360. Advanced HR has assisted and also encouraged clients to instate employee handbooks, form job descriptions, record applicants including electronically on board new hires and much more to better their business. HR 360 allows clients to gain access to training videos, forms and guidelines along with our 24-hour HR hotline to any human resource issue acknowledgeable to businesses in Parma, Ohio. HR Butler is also knowledgeable in FMLA administration, FLSA compliance, unemployment administration, COBRA administration (the only local firm to provide this) along with HIPPA guidance. The last part of HR services we provide are drug tests and background checks to make sure you business is compliant with all rules and regulations at a low price.  HR Butler is a business, so we do understand the responsibilities and unavailability of employees and employers. When that happens there usually is a lack of attention to detail, so that’s where HR Butler comes into play. We attend to workers who can’t do or be in several places at once. Using HR Butler’s services will then make your business in Parma, Ohio be in a condition for high productivity. HR Butler gives you “insurance” by using the toolbox, which will allow you to have a smooth-running business in Parma, Ohio.

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