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HR Butler exclusively offers employee benefits to businesses and employees in Marion, Ohio. There are several benefit options we manage for organizations along West Center Street including the surrounding areas. HR Butler and our existing clients felicitate the journey of creating an exceptional workplace. Prosperous benefits are presented on top of standard pay, which provides for a strong and diverse number of aspirants. These benefits will further an employee’s investment in the business to retain them long term. HR Butler is your broker of benefits who offers self-insured, fully-insured and traditionally insured plans from a variety of major carriers and shops to protect your interest along with the employee’s interest. Formfire allows us to take advantage of choosing which carrier rate meets the needs of the employee—there’s only one form to fill out to get the benefits. This includes medical along with ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, group life and more. We are able to to authorize the employer some ancillary line at no expense. As your intermediary, we choose to work together especially with the businesses of Marion, Ohio. No journey can be complete on its own, so when there is a dilemma or a claim inquiry we want you to let us assist you. Let’s turn over a new leaf and get happier and more efficient with our beneficial 24-hour answer policy, where you will get feedback from us within 24-hours if we don’t know the answer on the spot. Why should the employers and employees of Marion, Ohio do all of the hard work and not benefit when you have a booked schedule?

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