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HR Butler provides employee benefits to companies in Grove City, Ohio. There are many benefit selections we handle for establishments along London Groveport Road as well as the neighboring areas. HR Butler and our current clients celebrate the journey of creating and maintaining an exceedingly excellent company. Desirable benefits are given in addition to regular pay and that will establish a set of diverse and dependent employees, which will eventually make them retainable. Having a diverse and dependent set of employees is only the one part of obtaining a successful company, but it will affect the outcome tremendously. HR Butler is your broker of benefits who offers self-insured, fully-insured and traditionally insured plans from a variety of major carriers and shops to protect the well-being of you along with your employees in Grove City, Ohio. Formfire authorizes us to compare carrier rates so you can choose which one best benefits the employees—there’s only one form to fill out to receive the benefits. This includes medical along with ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, group life and more. We’re able to give some ancillary lines to the employer at no cost. As your broker, we prefer to embrace teamwork when working to achieving a goal especially will Grove City, Ohio companies. When there’s a problem or a question about a claim that arises, let us guide you in the right direction because, no journey is complete on your own. Let’s transform your perspective of working into a happier and healthier one, which in return will make the company more efficient. Using our beneficial 24-hour answer policy, you will get feedback from us within 24-hours if we don’t know the answer to your inquiry on the spot. Why should the employers and employees of Grove City, Ohio do all of the heavy lifting and not benefit, when you have a booked schedule?

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