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As a local insurance brokerage, HR Butler administers and manages employee benefits for Delaware, Ohio businesses and their employees. Providing service from Wolf Commerce Park to areas adjacent to Ohio Wesleyan University, HR Butler is active in making local Delaware, Ohio businesses desired places of employment. Providing employees with a robust benefit package is crucial in receiving a heavy volume of applicants as well as retaining key team members. We offer fully insured and self-insured health plans. HR Butler represents all the major carriers, and the rates are shopped each year even in the case of a negative or minimal rate increase upon renewal. Utilizing the Formfire software allows us to obtain rates from every carrier with one easy-to-understand and concise application. Upon receiving the rates, HR Butler consultants come present the various plan offerings. With multiple options on deductibles and varying max out of pocket, the HR Butler team with help you pick what works best for your company and your employees. To accompany the medical plan, HR Butler offers many other lines of ancillary coverage as well. Providing dental, vision, group life, voluntary life, 401k, and short term and long term disability, we make sure that all possibilities are covered. We are also able to offer different ancillary coverage at no charge to the employer. HR Butler understands the importance of maintaining the bottom line and still looks to put something in place to care for employees. As a broker, HR Butler is the leis ion between your organization and the carrier. When you have a question or issue, we want you coming to us. We deal with the carriers day to day and will get your question/ problem answered. No one wants to anticipate the next time they will have an accident or need medical attention, but HR Butler wants to make sure that Delaware, Ohio companies can put their employees at ease and provide coverage for when instances do arise.

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