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Amplifies productivity and decreases costs by providing a simplified, intuitive benefit plan viewing and a modern user network through which employees can help themselves to HR and benefit information online 24/7. 

At work or away, you can view, manage or update the following from any computer with Internet access:

  • View Company Benefits Plan offerings
  • Obtain forms for enrollments, changes, disability claims
  • View Summary of Benefits for your employee benefit plan
  • View the Company Handbook

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Features & Benefits

  • Streamline benefits elections and time-off tracking through online processes
  • Showcase company info and benefits programs to employees and their families
  • Provide employee self-service, which reduces repetitive inquiries directed to HR
  • Reduce printing and distribution costs by providing materials online
  • Easily elect benefits and request time off through a simple online system

  • Access benefits and HR information anytime, anywhere—even on a mobile device

  • Learn about career growth opportunities, job postings, training programs and more 

get access to:

  • Welcome page
  • Company information
  • Communications
  • Time-off tracking
  • Employee information
  • HR information
  • Benefit plans
  • Mobile access 24/7
  • And more

Customize The Portal To Your Brand

  • Customize the color scheme to match your company colors
  • Control images
    • Chose from stock photos or upload your own, and include your company logo and name
  • Provide different information to specific groups of employees
  • Create your own pages
    • i.e. wellness, job descriptions, custom messages, etc.

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