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Downtown Columbus, Ohio is clearly abundant with businesses, big and small. From N High St to S 4th St employees should be a top priority. Your employees make your business possible, so why can’t you return the gratitude by providing them with employee benefits. The transformation of your business will be tremendous because using these benefits will help retain hard working, dependable employees, ultimately bringing better profitable business your way in Downtown Columbus. Pre-existing clients will agree with HR Butler’s statement of the transformation being a journey when comparing the before and after. To make a part of the journey seem a little simpler, HR Butler offers employee benefits on top of standard pay. HR Butler is your benefit broker who offers self-insured, fully-insured and traditionally insured plans from a variety of major carriers and shops to keep the interest of you along with your employees in Downtown Columbus. Important software HR Butler uses is called, Formfire, which allows us to compare rates of an array of shops and carriers. So, you can choose the one you and your employees think best benefits everyone. HR Butler makes it easier on you by only having one form to fill out to receive the benefits for your employees in Downtown Columbus, Ohio! These benefits include medical along with ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, group life and more. HR Butler provides our clients with some ancillary lines for free because, we are your benefit broker who prefers to work with you— like a team—to compete, complement and capitalize your business in Downtown Columbus, Ohio through this journey. If there is an issue or an inquiry about a claim that comes to light, let us guide you in the right direction because, no journey is complete on your own. Let’s transform your mindset of working in Downtown Columbus into a positive one. In return, it will make the company gain efficiency and productivity. Using our beneficial 24-hour answer policy, you will get a response from us within 24-hours even if we don’t know the answer to your question on the spot. Think about the future for you, your employees and your business in Downtown Columbus.

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