Bedford Heights Ohio HR Services

HR Butler has made human resources (HR) a priority since we opened in 1983. We want to make the businesses from Miles Road all the way to Metro Court in Bedford Heights, Ohio a part of the our HR family. HR Butler operates like an industry, but is like a family. With this in mind, we give you all of the tools you need to enhance and understand the potential of your business in Bedford Heights, Ohio. The tools we provide your business with will open doors that never seemed possible before. So preexisting goals can become reality and then new ones can be made and completed. However, depending on the preference of the amount of assistance needed and want, will then determine the amount of our involvement with the issues present. There is no job that is out of our reach with the use of our software that were made in-house. We have Advanced HR and HR 360, which give your Bedford Heights, Ohio business the capability to run as smoothly as possible. Advanced HR is our latest and main tool we use to assist as well as encourage clients to instate employee handbooks, form job descriptions, record applicants including electronically on board new hires and much more. HR 360 is another tool we can give you at no cost. It allows clients to gain access to training videos, forms and guidelines along with our 24-hour HR hotline to any human resource issue acknowledgeable to businesses in Bedford Heights, Ohio. HR Butler is also an knowledgeable in FMLA administration, FLSA compliance, unemployment administration, COBRA administration (the only local firm to provide this) along with HIPPA guidance. If a business owner in Bedford Heights feels overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities they have to the point where some parts of the company are starting to suffer, HR Butler can take care of both, you and your business in Bedford Heights. For example, our legal teams review the site to ensure that you are always aware of the rules and regulations. HR Butler wants you to be at you maximum ability for revenue production, so we at HR Butler do the heavy lifting by performing drug testing and background checks on employees at a low-cost. As the leader in this industry, HR Butler is dedicated to build and strengthen HR departments everywhere, but especially in Bedford Heights, Ohio.

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