Applicant Tracking & Onboarding

Applicant Tracking

Say good-bye to the inconvenience of paper job application. Say hello to user friendly, electronic job applications. 

Experience Mobile Hiring Capabilities

Candidates can fill out job applications and future employers can view them at any time and location by having mobile access. Many of today’s tech-savvy job seekers won’t bother to apply without an available and convenient mobile option.We don’t want you to miss out on today’s best talent just because of a technical disconnect.

Built For all industries

Whether you only have a few positions to fill or if you have to post a single job description at hundreds of retail locations, you are able to filter through candidates according to location and availability and see only those candidates who match the job. Easy conversation and evaluation features are available, which makes it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to collaborate and communicate with others during the hiring process. Best of all, it saves you both time and effort, so that you can get back to running your business your way.

Reporting & Analytics

You can easily track the locations your applicants are applying from and see who has been viewing your job postings. This allows you to streamline and optimize the hiring process. Take control of which job boards generate the most referrals, interviews, and successful hires.

Applicant Onboarding

Saves companies countless hours and thousands of dollars. No redundant forms and no paperwork!

tired of wasting valuable resources and chasing paperwork? We have the perfect solution.

The entire process of paperwork completion, maintenance, and storage and reporting can be seamlessly automated. We choose to work together to guide new hires through the entire process, step-by-step. Intuitive and customizable online interview module asks employees a few simple questions to determine form requirements. Make your business’s potential, facts of existence. 

HR Butler HAndles:

  1. All State and Federal Forms (W-4, State W-4, I-9, etc)
  2. Company Specific Forms and Policies
  3. Position Specific Forms
  4. Integrated Background Screening Options
  5. Integrated Pay Card Options
  6. WOTC
  7. And more

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