ACA Compliance

ACA Compliance

HR Butler will Help You Stay ACA Compliant

At a time of uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act, HR Butler’s technology will help you manage what is already in effect and what is still to come. Through robust reporting capabilities HR Butler will help you stay ACA compliant.

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Determination Testing

Look Back Reporting

Scheduling Tools

We help you determine whether you are an Applicable Large Employer for ACA calculations.

Full Time Look back report to determine where part time employees may be considered full time.


Determine how close employees are to full time thresholds.

ACA Tools

With HR Butler you’ll have access to help you stay compliant


By Using These Tools Your Company Can:

Determine if Your Company Qualifies as a Large Company by Taking into Consideration your FTE's

Determine When Your Part Time Employees May be Considered Full Time

Satisfy ACA Requirements for Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting

Ensure That Your Part Time Employees Are Remaining Under the Appropriate Hours Threshold

Avoid Paying Government Penalties

Ensure That Your Full Time Employees Are Working Enough Hours to Keep Their Benefits

Forecast Worked Hours with Future Scheduled Hours to Determine How Close Employees Are to the Thresholds

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