Unemployment Administration

Claims Management and More

We leverage our partnerships to help our clients address unemployment administration while keeping up to date on recent changes to unemployment law.

Recent law changes require timely response to a determination within 10 days.  Failure to respond provisions exist if 3 or more benefits are paid in error due to the employer’s untimely response.  Recovered overpayments are not credited to the employer’s account and tax rates may be increased.

Program Features 

  • Experienced Rep dedicated to your account
  • Employers contacted within 24 hours of initial determination
  • Discuss strategies with employer on steps needed to best manage a claim
  • Appeals filed timely on behalf of the employer
  • Voluntary contribution analysis and recommendations
  • Annual Unemployment tax rate review option
  • Monitor client account charges, claims and assessments to ensure accurate charges

Hearing Consultation 

  • Up to 5 Telephone Hearings Per Year
  • Hearing Consultation and Attendance
  • Witness Preparation
  • Hearing Coordination

Ohio Unemployment Eligibility Guide

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